It comes with a combination of colorful interface and syntax themes that add to its appeal. If downloading the VMware Fusion does not suit you, you can still run the Notepad ++ using an emulator program. An emulator works by creating a compatibility layer between your Mac and the Windows OS. In turn, you can load any type of Windows software on your Mac.

Whatever the reason, having a scratch pad at arm’s length is a necessity. While Evernote was one of the apps that defined the digital note-taking category, it hasn’t really been relevant for almost a decade. It was overvalued and overhyped in the mid-2010s, and even though many tech writers have fond memories of it, there are now better apps available that do similar things. Really, if you live your work life in Google’s ecosystem, you should be using Keep—even if you also use another note-taking solution for your personal life. It comes as part of your Google account and is perfect for any notes you need in the other Google apps. And Keep integrates with the rest of Google in other ways.

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Format your notes with keyboard shortcuts and the formatting toolbar. Color code notes to find them faster with a glance. Draw and sketch ideas on notes and share it with others.

  • Leverage big data tools, such as Apache Spark, from Python, R, and Scala.
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  • The dot grid is very light—you have to really look for it to see it.

You can add text to your notes, attach images, scan documents, draw or handwrite, and basically format them as you need. You can create notes, lists, and draw or keep your notes in a handwritten form. Colors and #labels let you easily spot what you’re looking for, and search option saves time so you don’t have to scroll down your list. Dark and light themes enable you to personalize the interface. Drawing Tablet UGEE M708 V2 is one of the traditional digital writing pads which has a screen size of 10 x 6.25-inches. It is a slim, sleek, and lightweight panel with a compact design and delicate craftsmanship.

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Jupyter is ready to work right out of the box, requiring little to no configuration. This makes it a perfect tool for quick Python scripting. Eclipse is a free IDE that was historically designed for the Java language. Still, thanks to a system of plugins or extensions, you can use it with other languages, including Python.

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Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and macOS are all supported by the program. Because some languages are not supported by Notepad++, the User Language Define System can assist you in this situation. This method allows the user to design his own language, which includes not only the syntax highlighting keywords, but also the syntax folding keywords, comment keywords, and operators. You can thoroughly customize the look and feel of the app using skins, should you want to do so. FluentNotepad is a simple and easy to use replacement for Notepad.